Java 2 Fundamentals Brainbench Certified Master

   Java 2 Fundamentals Brainbanch certified master certificate at (Transcript ID# is 7425642):

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Link on Brainbench was here, but it is not available any more because it expired after 3 years.


Certification Name: Master Java 2 Fundamentals
Date: 2009-11-01
Authority: Brainbench


Module: Java 2 Fundamentals
Date: 2009-11-01
Score: 4.38 (Scale of 1 — 5 where 5.0 = Best)
Higher than 96% of all previous test takers.

Demonstrates a clear understanding of many advanced concepts
within this topic. Appears capable of mentoring others on most
projects in this area.


OO Fundamentals
Common Packages
OO Basics in Java
Data Manipulating
The Java Runtime
Flow of Control

Weak Areas

None Noted

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