XRFiles project development

I participated in XRFiles project as Lead Software Engineer (November 2010 - April 2011). XRFiles is an easy way to share, store and manage your medical image exams. Send them securely and in full fidelity to experts to seek 2nd opinion. I was involved in development of server and client side logic, design model layer of MVC architecture. I was also involded in implementation of billing via Recurly service. Following technologies, packages and tools were used: Java related technologies (Spring, JPA, Hibernate, Velocity, H2, Jackson, Jersey, SLF4J, log4j, maven, JUnit, JAXB). Client Side (JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS). REST, Cygwin, Assembla, TeamCity, Subversion.

Screen shoots

General screen

Payment subscription selection screen

File structure when info supplied by several people

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