Monthly Archives: February 2015

Installing Redmine and Ruby language. Fresh and poor experience

About 3 years ago I installed redmine (project management web application, written using the Ruby on Rails framework) and all Ruby-specific components that needed for it on Windows OS. I remember that I had a lot of issues with it. But I already forgot details from that time.

But now I need to install redmine again. I was expected that situation is changed and improved; 3 years is quite long period of time for software project. But it is appeared that I had again a lot of issues.

Among them: missing Ruby certificate, issues with handling spaces in the paths under Windows, selecting between gems mysql and mysql2 and finding version and platform of mysql2 which works with Windows, gem nokogiri can be built only as native component. I find video which helped me to obtain working rails and avoid pitfalls: How to install Ruby on Rails on Windows 7 – Part 4, Ruby on Rails.

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